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Tingtun Accessibility Checkers can uncover barriers in web content for people with disabilities on websites and in PDF documents. You can use the online tools provided for demonstration to create reports on the barriers found. The benchmarking service can give an overview of barriers on lists of websites. To explore one site in more detail we can also provide a manual evaluation service.

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Tingtun Search combines capabilities of modern search engines like fast auto-complete and “did you mean” with functionality for searching through specific content such as contact information, online forms, or frequently asked questions.

The technology runs on a cloud solution for simple installation and scalability.

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The MiniPC solution is an easy to use option to enable more people to go online. The main idea is to configure a low cost single board PC to support a user to participate in social networks, watch video and other online activities.

The solution is designed for ease of use, and to protect users privacy. The MiniPCs support green computing with a low power consumption and the ability to reuse old keyboards, power supplies and computer screens.

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“The State of Qatar has been using the checker tool for over 3 years now. The tool is invaluable for monitoring web accessibility compliance and its ability to run benchmark analysis of websites in different sectors.“

Mike Park Mada, Qatar

“I use the PDF checker from Tingtun regularly to support my clients in their work to achieve more accessible web solutions.”

Egil Jacobsen Aletheia Kommunikasjon

Ongoing projects, 2017–2019

Tingtun has together with consortium partners won a grant from the 2016 Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) innovation competition "Best in the industry" ("Bäst i branschen"). This will enable us to develop the WTKollen tools for web accessibility.

Mobile Age, 2016–2019

The Mobile Age project ensures the inclusion of seniors in digital public services thanks to the development of user-friendly mobile applications based on open government data. Thus, it supports their access to civic participation, their involvement in their communities, and helps them benefit from open government data and mobile technologies. Such mobile applications will be tested at co-creation workshops held in four pilot sites in Europe, namely UK, Germany, Spain and Greece.

European Internet Inclusion Initiative, 2013–2016

The European Inclusion Initiative (EIII) Has prepared a collection of services in a new combination of existing automated open source evaluation tools for accessibility and also supports user testing of websites and audio-visual media. EIII was supported by the EC (FP7), co-ordinated by Tingtun and carried out in a collaboration with international partners from government, users, and from research.

eFAQ, 2013-2014

The project has covered frequently asked questions for local government agencies and explore tools to collect and share FAQ records. The project was supported by the Research Council of Norway, under the Verdikt program.
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